Midwest began serving livestock producers in 1995 in Watertown, South Dakota. Back then, it was truly a family affair, with mom, dad, and two little kids along with a small, but mighty support staff.

With the simple mission to exceed customer expectations by going the extra mile - sometimes literally - Midwest quickly expanded its service area, extending across Northeast South Dakota into Minnesota and up to the North Dakota border.

In 2011, Midwest opened a second location in Aberdeen, South Dakota. This location offered both the ability to enhance services to current clients in the area, and to expand into North Dakota to reach new producers.

2016 brought a wave of change to the organization, when Midwest acquired a business in Clark, South Dakota. This opportunity also brought with it a full-service veterinary clinic and two full-time staff Veterinarians, growing the team to over 20. Riding this wave of change, and trusting if one is good, two must be better, the organization acquired a second veterinary clinic less than a year later in Miller, South Dakota. Through all this growth, the key to success has undoubtedly been the organization’s exceptional company culture. Team members work hard and have a lot of fun in the process. Company leadership works hard for them, and they, in turn, go above and beyond for clients.

In 2019, Midwest expanded yet again opening a third veterinary clinic just across from the Bramble Park Zoo in Watertown.

Throughout all this change, one thing remains…a commitment to giving back to the next generation of leaders and serving the agricultural community.


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